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Bookkeeping services NJ

Bookkeeping services NJ

Bookkeeping services NJ

It’s a well known fact that Non-profit organizations operate on a limited budget. Working with the experts at Bookkeepers Plus! we help you to streamline your operations by handling your bookkeeping efforts in an extremely efficient manner. We understand the issues that are specific to non-profit financial managers and administrators such as tracking budgeted expenditures, grant reporting and preparing financial reports for board review.

With Bookkeepers Plus! it is no longer necessary to use a volunteer or have a board member spend time on the necessary but time-consuming task of bookkeeping. Our service allows your organization to utilize this valuable resource, a volunteer’s time, in other key operational areas.

CPAs Love Us

Any Certified Public Accountant can tell you that there is nothing worse than receiving financial information from their clients that is inaccurate, incomplete or missing in its entirety! We understand and respect the client/CPA relationship. We strive to enhance that relationship by providing accurate accounting information required for timely preparation and filing of tax returns and reports. We’re also a great resource for CPA’s by handling the bookkeeping for audits of non-profit organizations. CPAs love us because they know that when we work with their clients, they will be receiving financial information that is accurate and in order. This reduces bookkeeping time spent on a return which allows CPAs to have more time to efficiently prepare and review a return! Refer Bookkeepers Plus! to your clients now and you can rest assured that the information you receive at tax time is all in order. Now that’s a Plus!

Law Firms Want Us

With the experts at Bookkeepers Plus! we drastically improve your office efficiency by reducing the clerical hours needed to get your billing and bookkeeping done. We understand the issues that are specific to law firms so we can provide you with a turnkey solution for all of your bookkeeping needs. We work with programs such as QuickBooks, PC Law and timeslips. However, if you have an existing program in place we can work with that also. In addition to our basic bookkeeping services we also handle your time tracking and billing, and assist in managing your client escrow accounts. For about the price of employee benefits, you can hire a bookkeeper with Bookkeepers Plus! To learn more about our services check our services page. Don’t forget to ask us about how you may be able to get a discount on payroll services.